Let’s Breathe Together

What To Expect From This Class.

That energy in the Yoga Studio, when everyone’s mind is focused on the same thing, focused on the present, that’s what we’re after.

During this session, we’ll focus on exploring and uncovering the possibilities of the breath as a group. We’ll learn breathing techniques based on where the groups mind, body, and health currently is and where they want to go. From Pranayama to Butekyo, you’ll discover breathing practices to reveal the true power of the breath.

Beneficial In and Out of the Studio

This class is beneficial in and out of the studio. You’ll learn modern and effective ways to reduce stress, maximize energy, lose weight, and become healthier. Mindful breathing is a therapeutic tool that has physical and psychological effects on the body and mind. These techniques have been proven to lower blood pressure, boost the immune system, and reduce sleep and digestive problems.

Who is this Class for?

This class is perfect for any group of people on the journey toward becoming a more mindful and healthier person

For people who have just started, this class will strengthen them at their foundational level. For those well along their journey, this class will give them the lost secrets that will take them even farther.