Corporate Breathing Class

As our thoughts reduce our focus increases, as our focus increases our decision making process becomes better productivity increases, concentration becomes  better.  This isn’t magic, this is breath work.  Improve the breathing of your workforce and improve their performance, plain and simple. It’s a win-win. Happy employees = increased productivity. 

What Is The Corporate Breathing Class?

The Corporate Breathing Class is a hands-on learning experience that teaches companies and their number one asset their employees the fundamentals and benefits of proper breathing. An interactive instruction period that involves your employee’s participation. They’ll learn breathing techniques that can instantly reduce stress.

How Does The Corporate Breathing Class Benefit my employees?

At its core, the information taught in this class promotes employee personal growth and health. Your employees will learn effective ways to reduce stress and maximize energy and mindfulness. From lowering blood pressure and boosting the immune system, to reducing sleep and digestive problems, your employees will learn an everyday skill that has proven to increase productivity.

How Does The Corporate Breathing Class Benefit My Company?

Think about it, a more energetic, mindful, healthy-sleeping employee with a boosted immune system,  lower blood pressure, and a handful of stress-relieving techniques in their pocket – now, that’s an employee. From lifting morale, to team building and staff development, your company will experience measureable and immediate results.

Corporate Group Breathing Class

One hour live seminar with Jeff Black

Starting at $495.00