• Fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer.

Insomnia and the Power of Breath.

How many hours have you wasted trying to fall asleep? A hundred? Two Hundred? You’re lying there, telling yourself not to get frustrated. You know if you get frustrated that it’s all over, that you’ll never sleep. Then you get frustrated.

What if I told you that the secret to a full night’s rest, to curing your insomnia, was as easy as tweaking something you already do every day?

Studies show that 9 out of 10 people breath incorrectly. The same number is true for people that breathe heavily when they sleep. What this means is that your body is receiving improper proportions of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Ultimately, this puts your body in fight or flight mode. Even though there’s no threat, your brain perceives one. It’s in alert mode. However, if you breathe improperly all the time, you wouldn’t consciously label this as alert mode. You’d label it as normal.

Techniques and exercises have been discovered, proven, and used by many to deliver correct proportions of oxygen to the body, and release correct proportions of carbon dioxide from it. What this means is that you’ll have a more relaxed, stress free, brain. A brain that’s not on alert. A brain that says, “Oh, there actually isn’t a problem here. Let’s go to sleep.”

What to expect from this class.

Insomnia is not only frustrating, it’s exhausting. Not sleeping through the night means your going to be walking around like a zombie during the day. If you’re looking to fall asleep quicker, stay asleep longer, and have more energy throughout the day, then this class is for you.

During this one-on-one class, we’ll focus completely on you and your goals. You’ll learn breathing techniques based exclusively on your sleeping patterns and where your mind, body, and health currently is. Falling asleep and staying asleep begin with the breath. Most people breathe badly, meaning, whether they know it or not, they’re always on alert mode. You can’t fall asleep in this mode. You’ll learn breathing exercises and relaxation techniques that have been used in  Yoga practices for thousands of years, and you’ll discover the science behind them and why they affect the body the way they do