• Therapeutic Breathing For Military Veterans

Your Combat Recovery Group.

Together we explore the power of the breath and how it can be used as a therapeutic tool to assist in conquering PTSD and other combat related troubles.

Calm The Mind
Reduce Anxiety
Reduce Reoccurrence of Traumatic Memories
Improve Social Skills
Come Home

Stanford Study

A recent study at Stanford proved that mindful and proper breathing is an extremely effective way of treating PTSD.

The study included 21 veterans suffering with PTSD.

Their results: reduced anxiety, reduced respiration rate, reduced hyperarousal and reduced reoccurrence of tramatic memories and nightmares. For most, the results lasted for months, for some, years!

Stimulate Cellular Memory

Our cells contain imprints of past events, and breathing effects every cell in our body. When you practice and learn how to properly breath, you stimulate a form of cellular memory that can aid in the resolution of an early trauma.

What To Expect From This Class

As a group, we’ll focus on exploring the therapeutic capabilities of mindful breathing.

During this session, they’ll learn breathing exercises and techniques that are proven to:

  • reduce anxiety
  • reduce social stress
  • reduce anger
  • end traumatic memories
  • end traumatic nightmares

We approach each class based on where the groups mind, body, and health currently is, and design a personalized plan that will help them get where they want to be. Home.

Breathing for Military Veterans

Change Your Breath. Change Your Life.