• Remain calm and collected through the power of breath.

Keep cool…

Police Officers, Fire Fighters, and EMT’s know that one of the most important  aspects of their job is being able to remain calm and collected under pressure.

Some sense of fear is normal, but when it becomes overwhelming, our bodies enter a sympathetic state, where critical thinking stops and bad things can occur.

Remain Calm
Remain Present
Increase Mindfullness
Reduce Stress

What To Expect From This Class

As a group, we’ll focus on exploring the latest in scientific research and modern breathing strategies that help recalibrate your bodies reaction to stress.

During this session, you’ll learn exercises and techniques that are proven to:

  • Increase Energy
  • Reduce Stress
  • Increase  Focus
  • Increase Oxygen Intake
  • End Traumatic Memories

Change Your Breath. Change Your Life.