• Overcoming addiction through Breath Work

Overcoming Addiction through Breath.

Recent neuroscience research reveals that addiction is a habit that changes the brain. This may sound elementary, but think about it. Addiction is a habit. You can change habits. If you change a habit, you literally change the brain. You have the power to combat addiction, and the best part is, you’ve had the tools to do so the whole time. All that’s required is a little sharpening.

Most 12-step programs teach that the most important and fundamental skill required to overcome an addiction is to live in the present. The first step towards living in the present is learning how to mindfully breathe. Learning how to properly breathe occupies the mind and tricks it into shutting up. Once you’ve learned how and you breathe properly automatically, the brain calms and allows you to be connected with yourself. Mindful breathing enables addicts to come to terms with suffering and ultimately, love themselves. If you want to conquer addiction, live in the moment, live in the breath.