The Benefits of Mouth Taping

Benefits of Mouth Taping

The Benefits of Mouth Taping ! Benefits of Mouth Taping…

To Tape or Not To Tape?

Benefits of Mouth Taping .Whether you’re a snorer, an allergy sufferer, or simply a light sleeper, inhaling through the nose is the ideal way to breathe. However, rather than taking the time to train your mouth to stay put at night, you can reach for the tape instead. Taping your mouth while you sleep may sound like a recipe for disaster, but with this practice comes a plethora of benefits. Sufferers of sleep apnea, in particular, may find that taping is a simple solution to many apnea symptoms.  Mouth taping is quickly growing as an alternative quick fix – all you need is a roll of medical tape and you’re good to go!


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Benefits.Benefits of Mouth Taping

  • Snuff the Snoring

Sleeping with your mouth taped lessens the tissue vibration caused by forceful breaths, which halts loud (and sometimes painful) snoring. In addition, chilly nighttime air can irritate the tissues further. Air inhaled through the nose is warmed by the body, and is much more gentle.


  • Alleviate Allergies

Did you know that your nose is a mini air purifier? The hairs in the nose act as filters which trap dust, pollen, and other irritants. Asthma, sneezing, and sinus drainage are alleviated when we’re forced to breathe through the nasal passages.


  • Amp up Your Nitric Oxide

Nitric oxide is an important gas that regulates blood vessel health, allows our cells to communicate with each other, and improves memory. Studies have shown that nasal breathing helps increase this important compound, while mouth breathing lessens it (by up to 25%).


  • Reduce Stress

Whenever our breathing is halted or compromised, we face the risk of tailspinning into panic mode. When we fear we’re in danger, a rush of adrenaline and cortisol is released into our system to fight the potential threat. These stressful and sleep-disrupting events are lessened as we learn to breathe calmly through the nose.


  • Protect Your Teeth

Taping can help reduce teeth clenching and calm an overactive mouth. Those who “chomp” or twitch at night will find sweet relief with a simple strip across the lips. Not only does teeth grinding disrupt your precious sleep, it can lead to costly dental visits, as well.


  • Sleep Soundly

When your mouth is open during sleep, your tongue can get pulled into the throat, which causes unpleasant snoring and disrupted breath. Apnea is, by definition, the temporary interruption of breathing. When we stop breathing, we tend to snort, choke, or gag every 10-15 seconds to introduce air back into the body. Needless to say, most sleep apnea sufferers experience drowsiness throughout the day, starved of a good night’s sleep.


If you’re still on the fence about taping, try doing a test run to introduce your body to the practice (preferably during a short nap). Once you’re a pro at wearing it every night, you may find that your body has become used to the practice, and that your natural breath is much more full and deep. This tried-and-true method is cheap and effective and, best of all, a safe and natural way to get the most out of your snooze!


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