• “Life is not measured in years but rather the number of breaths we take.”


Welcome to The Breath Coach, my name is Jeff Black, 10 years ago I was suffering from addiction and severe panic attacks, I spent every day of my life either having a panic attack or worse worrying about when the next one may be coming.  I spent years dealing with doctors and different medications, all having some sort of negative side effects.  Finally I had enough! I knew the only way to resolve my anxiety and panic attacks was on my own….so through the power of traditional Yogic Breathing called “pranayama” I began to regain control of my body.  The more I practiced the more consumed I became with the power of breath, I have study with world authorities on breathing from every corner of the world, so don’t worry I am not hear to preach about incense and Yoga mats, but rather teach you scientifically proven breathing techniques for you to regain control of your mind and body.