• PTSD and the power of breath.

You’re Not Alone.

It is estimated that 24.4 million Americans, or 8%, suffer from PTSD at any given time. While many people believe military veterans are the only ones, that is not true.

Individuals develop PTSD from any type of traumatic experience such natural disasters, serious accidents, life-threatening illnesses, physical abuse, and sexual assault.

If you have PTSD even though you’re not a war veteran, or if people dismiss your claim to PTSD because you haven’t served, you’re not alone. It is estimated that 70% of adults in America have experienced some type of traumatic event once in their life. Of those 70%, 60-80% will develop PTS

Breath Work and PTSD.

What if I told you one of the most effective ways of treating PTSD doesn’t require medication or therapists? What if I told you the solution to PSTD is simply tweaking something you do every day? Would you believe me?

A recent study at Stanford proved that mindful and proper breathing is an extremely effective way of treating PTSD. The study included twenty-one veterans suffering from PTSD, breathing exercises, and breathing techniques that were formerly proven to relax and calm the mind. The results, reduced anxiety and respiration rate, and reduced hyperarousal and reoccurrence of traumatic memories and nightmares. For most of them, the result of this one week study lasted for months, and for some, years.

Our cells contain imprints of past events, and breathing effects every cell in our body. When you practice and learn how to properly breath, you stimulate a form of cellular memory that can aid in the resolution of an early trauma.

What to expect from this class.

If you’re looking to stop experiencing traumatic nightmares and memories, reduce your anxiety, stress, and anger, and live a relaxed life instead of trying to act relaxed, then this class is for you. It’s not your fault that you have PTSD, but some people seem to forget that. PTSD can cause you to lose a lot, including relationships and jobs. This class is here to make sure you don’t. This class is here to give you your life back.

During this one-on-one class, we’ll focus completely on you and your goals. You’ll learn breathing techniques based on your PTSD symptoms and where your mind, body, and health currently is. You’ll learn exercise and techniques that have been used in Ashtanga Yoga and Pranayama practices for thousands of years, and you’ll discover the science behind them and why they affect the body the way they do.