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What does school, work & electronics have in common?

They are causing people to sit for long periods of time. As a result our posture and breathing patterns are being impacted.  Inefficient breathing leads to a whole host of problems.  Leading to both mental and physical problems lots and lots of problems. Depression, Cognitive Issues, Memory  Loss, Lack of Energy, Poor Attitude.   Heart Disease, Hyper Tension, Upper Respiratory  problems, asthma, and many more are associated with lack of oxygen to the cells.

Does this sound like you?

Despite healthy eating, I still can’t seem to lose weight?

Improper breathing will put your body in a “Fight or Flight” mode. ”
In this state your physiology STOPS digestion. It  saves this valuable
resource for more important tasks like keeping you alive.
When digestion stops weight-loss cannot occur.

I feel like I am always in a state of panic.

Mouth breathing in particular is a direct signal for the brain to shift into  “Fight or Flight” mode.  You can literally breathe yourself into or out of a panic attack.

I can’t focus during the day.

In a state of “Chronic Micro Hyperventilation” the brain is literally starving for Oxygen.  Lack of Oxygen causes a whole host of cognitive problems, including critical thinking, retention and performance issues.

I have Chronic Fatigue.

Another disease of the respiratory system is Chronic Fatigue, sufferers seldom realize they are over breathing. If you have Chronic Fatigue your muscles are losing Oxygen because of incorrect breathing and not physical exertion.

I can’t quite keep it “up” anymore.

Impotence is a vascular problem by breathing incorrectly the blood circulation to the penis is limited.

I can’t fall asleep because my brain will not shut down.

Your brain will remain active as long as it beleives there is a threat.  Improper breathing automatically puts the body & brain into a “Fight or  Flight” mode. Keeping your alert and awake.

If you would like to improve any of the following, I am here to help.

Gaylene B.
I had tried everything else, and figured what could I possibly have to loose by having a Skype call with The Breath Coach…its was a last resort, I was doubtful, but pleasantly surprised that it actually worked!  I finally feel liberated!
Gaylene B.

A better brain. A better body. A better you.

Science has proven in as little as 8 mins per day with proper breathing practices, you can literally grow your brain.

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